Friday, September 30, 2005

Book Review Ibn Warraq Why I am not a Muslim

If you read Robert Spenser's The Myth of Islamic Tolerance this book is a waste of time. The best Chapters are in the Spenser book and you get Bat Yeor and Spenser as a bonus.

Warraq spends way too much time on philosophy . I prefer to deal with history and jump into battle with the information. You can do much better then this book with the Spenser book or The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidt.

Remember that we spend more time with the far left then the Jihadists. Thus we are more likely to encounter anti semites like they Duck or rubber chicken clown types like 167. The Duck is smart enough to avoid the Holocaust unlike 167 who is at best a comedic prop or a running gag. How do I get so much coverage in blogs whose authors swear they do not read this blog. 167s toady has taken to calling me a Nazi Kike . Yet if we responded in kind he would be in a self righteous mode for weeks. I do not use ethnic slurs but place labels where they belong. I call them as I see them and a person writting about the Holocaust industry and Joooish cabals is by definition an anti semite.

I am reading Bat Yeors Decline of Eastern Christianity next.

Has anyone read Naipul ? I have heard mixed reviews of his work ?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ground Zero Cleansed

The far left has lost its battle to desecrate Ground Zero with its Seditious America Hating agenda. Thus they will have to spread their Eurosocialist agitprop on American Universities , art galleries and in movie theatres near you. All these avenues are not sufficient for the dumbest anti semitic Communist on the planet. He has now dubbed a 9-11 industry to go along with the Holocaust industry, zionist media and imaginary joooooish cabals manipulaing the US to do Israels dirty work.

Long term readers know I am a survivor of the 93 blast and an eyewitness on 9-11. Americans do not want a far left political message on what is sacred ground with the remains of at least 2700 of our brothers and sisters. The far left will dig up a few commie relatives claiming to speak for 9-11 families. Yet when I speak as an eyewitness or relatives disagree with their seditious views they scream and attempt to silence them.

Let the sacred ground be about the actual events of that day. Those of you that watched on TV have every bit as the Beak to be outraged over the blatant attempt to spin an inexcusable act by religious nuts. There is no rationalization or excuses for what happens on that day or in Beslan or in Israeli Pizza parlors. This culture of excuses and rationalization of evil enables terrorism.

Let ground zero reflect the heroes and events of that day.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Freedom of Speech

I want to talk about the different types of freedom of speech. First I want to set comercial speech in a different category. Thus a pregenerated comercial spam is something liberals and conservatives agree on. That category is the only posts I will
delette. The reason is it is manufactured and has zero to do with anything.

Artistic expression should also be free but not subsidized in any manner. If the artist accepts a subsidy he is responsable to community standards. If you want blasphemous art do it on your dime. I wonder what the reaction to the left would be of a brilliant artist like the Beak creating a cat dung like painting of Noam Chomsky
or using urine on Mohammed. No I would never do such a thing but there is a double stsndard at work.

Political speech in non comercial forums should be uncensored. I do not know of a single conservative or moderate blogger who delettes posts. I do enjoy a creative attack with wit something the Duck is incapable of. Woe onto those that attack Mr Beamish seriously. I also enjoy an intellectual reparte with patriotic liberals like B or the mercurial Justin Morris.

The Constitution talks about political speech expressly. Thus when anti semites of the far left want to stop zionists from their right as Americans this is hypocritcal.
The fact that jihadists and Communists are grantged freedom of speech unquestioned by the far left is an obvious comedic point.

Now TV shows is an area where I agree with B I am not in favor of censorship. However Desperate Housewives is not political speech and falls somewhere in between comercial and a low class artistic exposition of bad taste. I do not see it as sacrosanct as free expression in Universities and the public arena.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Group Rights and Islam

One interesting facet that I have encountered in my work is that Islamic countries do not have adoption. Thus the orphan is a ward of the state who may be assigned in a gaurdianship role to a family. Yet the child is never formaly absorbed by law into a family unit.

The focus in Islamic socities are on group rights. Thus almost all Islamic countries have religious police that function like a Cuban block patrol.There is no concept of individual rights in Islamic society.Fred P Isaac in his book recounts the tale of a young Kuwati Muslim who had problems with the religious police. Her crime was the importation of a poodle that was seen as decadent Western behavior.

The imposition of Sharia and the presence of religious police are human rights violations but the far left does not ever get past its own moral relativism. People are not free to think on their own but the left talks about Theocracy here while appologizing and endorsing it for Muslims. Thus Falwell is the devil incarnate to the left who jump on his every utterance. Meanwhile the left says zero about Muslims advocating the most abomonable of behaviors. An example of this is 167 the stupidest Antisemitic person on the left defended Red Ken Livingstone's meeting with a cleric who advocated killing gays. In fact he termed the opposition to such a meeting Zionist. Thus he was quite content to lie about the Hindus, Gays living in reality and liberal Muslims who also protested that meeting.

The truth is Communism, Nazism and Islam all have their focus on group rights. This is an RX for disaster as individuals have not rights. Thus only those in possesion of the ultimate truth will dictate what your rights are. Rational people prefer codified secular law with guarenteed human rights. I cherish my right of free expression here daily where no thought is supressed. Yet those on the left need speech codes or the censorship of those they disagree with. The basic law of the far left is free speech for me and none for thee.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ibn Warraq Monotheism ultimately leads to facism ?

Ibn Warraq gets this point dead wrong as we have witnessed the Carnage and bloodlust of Communists who were atheists but proclaimed themselves God. The cult of reason in the French revolution also has to be reconciled with the Great Terror and the Colonial wars of Napoleon . Napoleon does not belong in a conversation with Communism or Nazism. Nazism was the cult of man deciding what life is worthy and has far more in common with Communism . The idea of sending humans to concentration camps or anyone else for that matter is man elevating himself to God.

The view that polytheists or Pagans were more humane then the monotheists is baloney.
The Mongols were certainly not peaceful animists. Ancient Greece was colonial and often imposed its culture on others. African and American Indian tribes were a mixed bag of peaceful and warlike tribes. This blanket statement is way too broad and the historical record is mixed at best.

So you want to beat Hillary

Defeating Hillary Clinton in NY is an uphill struggle but not impossible. She has rock solid support of three constituencies.

1 Blacks for whatever ridiculous reason believe the myth the Clintons care about them. The reality is that they care about nobody other then themselves.

2 Older widowed and never married women buy into the myth that Hillary is one of us and the perpetual victim game. Hillary achieved her power through a man who never loved or respected her. Her marriage is one of political expediency and maintained by a cadre of spin meisters.

3 Left Wing lunatics whose support any reputable politician would renounce. Highlighting the ties of Michael Lerner who is as popular with religious Jews as Quadaffi would errode her base.

Hillary has gotten a free pass from the NY media with three exceptions the NY Post, the NY Sun ( the best paper in the city) and WABC radio. Bob Grant is brutal on Hillary but that sums up the critique.


1 Highlight the amount of Saudi money the Clinton library recieved.

2 Compare her non record with that of Chucky (Cheese ) Schumer. According to Brill the survivors of 9-11 received zero help from her but Chuck was every where.

3 Replay the Booos of the Firemen at the WTC memorial.

4 Point out she has never been to a Yankee or Met game. In fact when her picture was
on the scoreboard in Shea Stadium for a commercial she was booed. Schumer goes to the games and delivers .

5 Make her comment on the outrageous behavior and comments of Charlie " Red " Rangel.
Rangel has praised Castro and held parties for him . Does she agree with Rangels obscene comments comparing the Holocaust to Iraq or Bush to Bull Connor.

6 Talk about Marc Rich.

7 Mention her lie on 9-11 that had her worried about Chelsea who was allegedly jogging near the towers.

8 Talk about filegate and who hired Craig Livingstone.

9 Mention her embrace of Suha Arafat and the fact that Yasser Arafat was the most frequent White House Guest.

10 Make her comment on Michael Lerner who is or was an alleged close friend.

11 Make her seperate herself from the Sheehan lunacy. Let her say that any talk of Joooish Cabals or Israel instigating the Iraq war is anti semitic.

12 Pardons for FALN terrorists.

13 Let us replay the tape of Bill Clinton telling an audience that Sudan did offer Bin Ladden well before 9-11. Why was the offer turned down.

14 Ask if Monica Lewinsky was part of the Vast right wing conspiracy. Where does this conspiracy meet and is Mr Beamish its unofficial leader. Why don't they take responsabilities for their own failures. She has been preaching this advice to Bush.

15 How can we elect you to represent us if you aren't even courageous enough to sit for a hostile interview with a Shawn Hannity or Bill OReilly. The only interviewer who has ever treated her with less then kid gloves is Tim Russert.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

New Reading

I am reading Ibn Warraqs why I am not a Muslim. Generaly, I avoid books by disgruntled types. Jews certainly have plenty of those Chomsky, Norman Finklestein, Michael Lerner who readily betray their people in the service of their real religion Communism. The extreeme left is seditious by nature and one can not talk facts and logic with the far left.

Warraq has a nice style and when I am finnished I will do a review.

On page 4 John Kenneth Galbraith offended Muslims in India by naming his cat Ahmed. Ahmed is another name for the Prophet. Thus all of this catering to PC sensabilities is absurd. Those who want to run around looking for grievences will find it. We can not and should not go looking for slights. Do I care that the person up the block has a mutt named David. The dog is well behaved and brings smiles where ever he goes. Contrast this to Johny Jihad who brings joy and happiness whenever he goes.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Being a good friend

The list of permanent hires came out at work. I was not eligible but the silence was deafening. Unlike many of the others I rushed to congradulate two friends who have helped me learn the ropes. I was genuinely happy for them and I was kind to those who did not make it this time . My mentor who is a great guy also was promoted and will be departing soon.

Any sucsess that I have encountered was due to the help of wonderful patient coworkers. There is alot to learn and every day I learn something new. I hope the rest get the spots they wish for.

I wish more people would have been happier for their friends. Yet the natural disappointment and envy is understandable.

Mental Pathologies Anti Semitism 167 and Silence of the Liberals and a Familiar Friend

The mentaly deranged lunatic 167 who swears he is not anti Semitic or a Communist goes off the deep end. Even rational anti semites generaly avoid the Holocaust. Thus 167 has lifted a term of his favorite Joooo the Commie ( he calls himself Green) Norman ( uber crank) Finklestein the Zionist Holocaust Industry. The premise of the demented Finklestein whose book by the same title was compared to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion by the NYT and even the far left UK Gaurdian calls anti semitic is that a cabal of jooooooos exagerated the Holocaust for proffit and to advance the cause of Zionism.

Zionism and Genocide of Jooooooooos predate the creation of Israel a country the demented one is obsessed with. Bad Jooooooos ( Neocons ) started the Iraq war for Israel's sake. Two Jews are in a room with 200 people and they naturaly form a cabal.
The other ethnic groups are in the minds mere pupets of the Joooooos.

He even sees a mythical Zionist media obviously the one that reports fake Jennin massacres. The same Zionist media that ignores there never has been a Palestinian people and that Palestinians are Arabs. The same logic makes me a Canarsie Indian despite the fact that I have zero biological , cultural or any other ties to the Canarsie. David Duke uses this term as well.

The question of why a Jooooooo such as myself would devote space to Israel and anti Semitism is a non starter. However more interestingly the Elmer Fudd type of obsession with Jooooooos and Israel has now entered Pathology. However, I am certain the rabid one will see a tie between mental health care (Frued) and Zionism.

The left wing hypocrites who were so angered over my portrayal of 167 as anti semitic and a Communist are silent. They have zero to say when a Commie (he denies there historic and current abuses) preaches anti semitism. My familiar friend who knows exactly who he is says zero about anti semitism from 167. He wants to come here
and cry about posters here who like myself see Islamo Facism or hyper Arabism as a genuine threat to Western Civilization. 1300 years of abuses against a range of people tend to speak for themselves.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Beaker on stanby

The possible huricane in TX leaves deployment uncertain. The first wave of volunteers is still in NO. I will volunteer again to go to TX but if sufficient volunteers are not found my lack of seniority might be the ticket.

The realty is that people with families seldom volunteer for assignments and ninety days in an odd place will not hurt me. NYC seems probable but I am praying that I will return.

I was home yesterday and each time I leave it gets harder. Vermont is a great place and my coworkers are the finest crew but NYC is my home. There is no newstand and if you do not drink this is not the place for you.

I will be working Saturday as I did not work yesterday. I did get 44 mpg on the way up . If you have cruise control use it as it allows you to concentrate on the road. I used it on this trip and I was not nearly as tired as the last.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Return of the Beak

I am being consider amongst a group headin to NYC for nine months. I am crossing my fingers as I yearn to be back in my beloved city. The smelll of carbon monoxide beats manure. Art, culture and everything a man can want. Also it is good to be back with my family. The deal is early but I love the idea who better to send to the big Apple then Mr NYC.

I will be anxiously awaiting the response.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Unsung heroes

I have posted at length how every person that wore the unitorm is my hero. Above all were the Vietnam veterans not named John Kerry. I always believed in them and their mission.

Yet I want to talk about my other heroes.

1 Dedicated loving parents working two jobs to support kids who never say I love you.

2 Teachers who are dedicated to their craft but not appreciated by students parents or sometimes even their union,

3 People who still believe in the American dream. This is still the best place to raise a family.

4 Public safety workers who risk their lives for us .

5 THE WORKING POOR.Left and right forget about them

I try to thank people along the way but it is something we rarely hear. I thank all those who read this blog. It gets hot around here at times but America is about ideas and freedom cherish them and protect them.


BG Burketts Stolen Valor and little people

I have to admit from my earliest days as a youth of three I despised hippies. I spent my summers in Ferndale NY which was not far from the real Woodstock. My Uncles were real combat veterans and loathed the freaks. One of them was Julius who had been gassed in WWI by the Germans. He spoke of the horrors of the trenchs but down played his role. He always felt more fortunate then friends that did not make it home. This was a common thread among my uncles who had served in WWI, 2 and Korea.

I have been an anti Communist from the beging. My Grandfather who was a simple carpenter recalled Marxist partners who were the most cruel owners. Another Uncle who survived the Holocaust pointed out Communists were Nazis with great PR and delusions of godhood. My late grandmother a brilliant businesswoman had nothing but contemp for the lazy socialist/ Communist.

Thus when we hear comparisons of Iraq to Vietnam we are being sold a tale of lies. The media never did hold the Peace Movement accountable for its Communist leadership colaberation and series of lies.

Burkett investigates a seies of people purporting to be Vietnam Vets but in reality liars. We even have a Senator from Iowa who has lied several times about being a Vietnam Vet. The coincedence is that he along with John "Gomer " Kerry were the leaders of the Sandanista PR Machine.

Kerry falls into the next category as someone who embelished his record. He was there but his exploits have more in common with Gomer Pyle then Sgt York. Burket doccuments businessmen and Civil servants embellishing their war records.

Kerry also falls into another category collaberator and enemy propagandist. How long did he know his co founder of VVAW Al Hubbard was both a communist and a fake veteran who never set foot in Vietnam and got his disabilty check playing basketball in NJ. He was asked about Hubbard once in the Presidential run and never asked about his meetings with the Vietnamese in Paris while a member of the Naval Reserve. This is an act punishable by jail time. Nor was he asked about fake testimony at the infamous Winter Soldier Hearings.

Most of the people who lied or embelished their records were people who wanted to be something more then they were. The reality of most of us is that we are little people who lead non descript lives and there is no shame in that. There are several Vietnam Veterans who post here and all are my heroes even if they drove a truck or manned a type writer in the service.

The measure of a life is not the great moments or places we have been or the stories we tell. It is the time we spend with loved ones often doing drudge work like taking
your kids to the doctor. Listening to your niece whine about some boy who barely knows she is alive. The ordinary time we spend in Church with neighbors and community groups is also in many ways heroic and honorable.

An ordinary life is often more extraordinary then it seems. It is no crime to be ordinary and many ordinary people are realy extraordinary.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Are we Americans

The question of how Americans will react when we have our own Van Gough case is pertinent. Writers like Irsad Manji get regular death threats and sooner or later an American person speaking out will be silenced. The penalty for blasphemy in Islam is death and all it takes is one lunatic.

I personaly have been threatened for discussing Fred Isaacs book Indigenous People Under the Rule of Islam. The discussion of Islamic history sans the PC white washing
upsets many.

The problem is will the American people overreact with violence against Muslims or will they ask questions. Freedom of speech is my birth right as an American including blasphemy. Now as a practical matter I do not do this and stick with the historical record.

The questions are if you can not live in a free society what are you doing here. The problem with liberals is they have their heads in air. Your freedom ends when it diminishes mine. Thus is Abdul Jihad doesn't like my freedom of speech or that the lady next door is promiscous that is too bad. We live in an open society with guarenteed rights. The second that my freedom is restricted to appease Johny Jihad or Karl Commie we all loose.

Violent religious extreemism does not belong in our country. So if you want to kill blasphemers or people who convert from Islam you are in the wrong country.

Small people and the environment

The recent spike in gas prices has led me to wonder if environmentalism has gone too far. Liberals genuinely have decent motives here as nobody wants to trash the planet. Yet the extreemists who call themselves Greens but were or still are Reds push this noble intention to absurdity.

The refineries were already at near 100% capacity and a new one has not been built for twenty years. The technology involved in new refineries must have improved and be safer and cleaner.

On a human level refineries provide good jobs that are unionized. Liberals talk about good jobs but cater to the far left nuts rather then the consumers and families. Gas prices hurt rural poor who must drive to work. What does the far left say to theses families ? The far left's answer is a collective middle finger. We are going to raise gas taxes cut the supply of energy to appease a militant often anti Capatalist cadre.

The result is that when the democrats loose elections they blame Fox News, Talk Radio, Religious Christians but fail to look in the mirror. Most Americans including myself favor Civil Unions. Rather then take a reasonable compromise they catered to a cadre of radicals and got burned.

The answer of the left is that you small people do not know what is best for you so we will tell you what to do. I am sorry but the American Consumer is just more important then Swamp birds and the key is balance. Catering to extreemists is not balance.

The bottom line is that your life is far more affected by environmentalist nuts then by religious conservatives. Every time you go to the pump thank an environmentalist as we pay more and moe for no reason.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sad news from NO

My coworkers in NO sent an email. The claim that the levees were dynamited to spare some areas is making rounds in NO. Victims of disaster with nothing are sadly prone to rumor and inuendo. The victims seem to be blaming the local government according to the email.

Sadly in the days after 9-11 I remember wacky rumors. These idiotic rumors devolved into the regretable conspiracy theories that mar 9-11. I do not believe that anyone would blow up the levees. Such a calculated task requires engineers .

Wassup Duck a primer for those unfamiliar with the Wahabi Duck

I encountered the cartoon Ducky over at FPM where he was a board pest. He is generaly
obssessed with Jooooos , Republicans and rather odly a hero of mine the legendary Big Bubba.

His favorite game back then was comparing Joooos to Nazis . He glosses over 1300 years of Islamo colonialism. It took him three days to name the people who flew into the WTC. He also has problems recognizing the Jim Crow world the Muslims created in addition to slavery, ethnocide and Genocide.

Not content to be an Islamo appologist he also has a blind spot to the evils of the Progressives. He repeats agitprop and dismisses the numerous crimes of the left.

Big Bubba had a list of subjects the Duck has been proven ignorant in. At last count it was at least twenty subjects and climbing.

My problem with the Duck is he has managed to devolve into a lower life form. He has displayed no creativity in months. It is one thing to be a pest but show some creativity. It is the same old Dauphin and Chimperella routine and it is a bore.

GET FRESH MATERIAL ALLREADY. Being a troll is bearable but being a bore is a crime against bandwith.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Clues that one is dealing with a Communist vs a liberal

Readers of this blog know that I lived and spent close to ten years in and around Union Square NYC. This is the traditional home of Communists as a wide variety of idiot Communist front groups traditionaly base themselves from this area. I have always been a dedicated anti Communist . Even when they agree with me on an issue such as Civil unions I do not want them anywhere near me. They are a seditious cult that practices thievery and sedition and have killed more people then anyone else period.

Those of you that do not live in NYC can learn about the antics of Comunista moronicus by reading Ronald Radosh or David Horowitz . Both were exComunists and portray the group think and history of deception in vivid detail.

The first clue that you are dealing with a Commie is that they play the blame America by its history game. Thus the entire history of the USA is racist and we will run down a laundry list of grievences. The truth is we can play this game with any civilization. Thus when a real Communist like 167 plays this game with Israel it is PC. The fact that I use the Zinn model on Islamic and Arab history eludes the demented one who calls the line racist. Yet when the exact same techniques are used on America and Israel there is zero problem.

Hint number two is that Communists reflexively use the term racist . They invent races like Muslims who come in all races, Arabs who are generaly white but not a racial category. They also champion fake indigenous people Palestinians who still call themselves Arabs in their great Zionist tract called the PLO charter. I was born in Brooklyn so I must be a Canarsie Indian. The fact that I have zero biological ties , do not practice the culture is merely inconvenient facts. They also
spit in the face of real indigenous people Copts, Assyrians, Kurds etc who all have their own languages and genuine historical identities going back thousands of years.

Liberals talk of Palestinian rights without excusing mittigating terror or even mentioning the word zionist. Communists use it all day and the humor of a Commie using Zionist as a curse word is amusing. How many fake Jennin massacres equal 100,000,000. Oh and starving people for their own benefit and shiping scores of ethnic groups to Siberia in cattle cars is just my imaqgination.

Everyone that they disagree with is Hitler or a Facist except that Commies aligned with Hitler until he turned on them oops. The brilliant Mr Beamish points out that Facism was an Italian version of socialism. Nazism hyper nationalism has way more in common with the new socialist man BS then conservatism or real liberalism.

Conservatives and Liberals celebrate and practice free speech. Communists errect speech codes where they eliminate all dissent. My late friend Saul a patriotic liberal pointed out speech codes themselves are facist.

Talk of Zionist media, elaborate conspioracies generaly involving cabals of Jooooo
(neocons is a code word for Jooooish weepublican) or moronic big oil are clues. Conspiracy talk is generaly reserved for bufoons.

Communist like to drone on about everything is Vietnam except Vietnam.They fail to mention 30 years of repression, boat people, killing fields and re education camps are their legacy. Lost in the mix is communist organization and manipulation of the peace protests. The fact the Hayden and other leaders worked with and coordinated with communists is a minor detail. The fact that Gnome Chomsky made Lord Haw Haw broadcasts from Vietnam is ignored.

When not moaning about their glory days in the peace protests which resembled a big pot party out of control they mourn the loss of the Sandanistas. The fact that the Sandanistas were brutal thugs who stole everyting in sight is forgotten . Also forgotten were the masacres of Miskito indians aided by mercenaries from the lefts favorite fake indigenous people the Palestinians. Fake indigenous people massacring real indigenous people is just another paradox. Two Jews in a room is a Jooish cabal to a commie but several Palestinians organizing a massacre of indians in Central America is a smear. The Palestinian advisers are listed in the Black Book of Comunism.

In general a Commie is a blood thirsty , hypocritical , thief with delusions he is god incarnate. They feel it is their right to lecture you take your resources and life for your own good.

Hopefuly Jason , Mr Beamish , Warrren and Always on the Watch will add to this.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Book Review The trouble with Islam

Irsad Manji is a brilliant articulate and witty author. The problem is that when you write one brilliant section the reader is spoiled. She peaks at a brilliant chapter 5 but oh what a peak. Her solutions and words are close to some we have offered here. She basicaly calls the far left ( not you B ) full of hot air. The hypercritique of Israel juxtaposed with a plethora of human rights violations under Islam is a form of racism. Are Muslims not capable of the same standards of behavior as everyone else.

In an earlier post Esther talks about the key being education. The truth is it is something I have long espoused. The best example is India which was an ecconomic basket case. Yet India and China value and promote education and understand that ultimately Human capital triumphs over Industrial Capital and Natural resources. Ask any economist with a full deck would they prefer thge future of India or Saudi Arabia and you will get the same response.

Manji talks of the same malady that Stephen Schwartz talks of but she is more witty
and Schwartz is more practical. Manji calls the rash of puritanical violent Islam foundamentalism and describes it as a form of colonialism.

The truth is that we and the Europeans subsidize this malady with our humanitarian aid. Do you want to stop the violence then cut all Aid now to the entire Midle East except Israel and Iraq. Let the Saudis pay for the food and upkeep of their bretheren. The reality is the foriegn aid makes everything worse. Here is a handout so poor Abdul can feed himself. Now that that responsabilty is finished the Saudis and others have more money to fund extreemists and the cycle continues.

Sadly the real solution is to let the situation deteriorate and eventualy there would be an uprising against the corruption , human rights abuses and economic disasters caused by the cycle of violence and mismanagement. At a certain point the people would blame the muslim radicals for their predicament. Sharon may have had this in mind when he pulled out of Gaza . Without the Israeli boogeyman who will the population turn to for jobs and a decent way of life including human rights.

Ultimately all radicals fail beacause throwing bombs much easier then developing an economy with such mundane tasks as Sanitation and basic health services.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Beyond Iraq

I have had an excellent time reading Irsad Manjis the trouble with Islam. She repeats much of the same information we do here. She is brilliant ,witty and articulate but somewha of a dreamer. I will review her book shortly.

Manji and I see commerce as a way of making the world safer. Her problem is that Islam forbids micro loans. The basic problem is that the far left and the Jihadists have been conspiring to keep the cycle of violence and despair going.

The first part is that unemployed and under educated people living in areas with state run media are vulnerable to Jihadist exhortation. The far left thrives on chaos and suffering and sees it as vital in their war to advance Communism. They do not care about flood victims , Vietnamese or Palestinians except as an agent of Chaos. Thus they mittigate, rationalize and in some cases aid and abet terror.

Companies will not invest in unsafe areas thus the jihadist cause untold suffering.
Why should a country risk safety in Jordan if it can have a safer return in Belize.
Our goal should be to attract investment in Jordan a relatively stable country. The jobs would reduce fertilty and immigration.

At the same time we should foster new local media companies in the Islamic.

At some point the Saudi royal mafia family should be dealt with. Can anyone say big stick and Parisian exile beat getting caught in a spider hole. 3000 Princes is a lot of spider holes. The Hashemites have a valid claim to Saudi Arabia as the evil Saud family.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Book Review Time Robert Spencer's politically incorrect guide to Islam and the Crusades

If you are looking for light reading at an enjoyable clip on the non PC version of Islam this is your book. If you are looking for depth and scholarly reading avoid this book. There is a place for overviews but I still maintain that the Great Divide by Alvin Schmidt is more relevant. However not all our books are meant to be long winded point by point scholarly dismemberments. There should be a place and time for fun books as well.

There is an appearence of Dr David Yeagley towards the end when a white female overdosed on Chomsky assumed that a Native American would agree with her far left idiotic views. We had a similar moment here early in the blog where the Disgruntled Chemist lectured Warren about the sins of our colonial past without realizing he was lecturing a Native American about his own history.

Yet Chapter 17 does pose a serious question that we Conservatives may take way too lightly. My Coptic friends in Jersey City often tell me that speaking out publicaly against Jihad and the realities of Islamic history is inviting danger. The question of what American voice will be our Van Gough is a question of not if but who and when. The question is will we stay silent or will there be a powerful backlash against Muslims. Many times in NYC Muslims have threatened people who speak up for Israel , Copts and Assyrians including myself.

Yet as I am an American nobody from the far left or Jihadi schools will ever silence me. I hope that if and when the jihadist behave in their true charachter that we do not harm innocent people like convenince store clerks. However when that day comes we will have to look at the left wing enablers and hold them equally acountable.

Osama we are all still here and you are in a cave or pushing up Opium Poppies

It is four years later and the American family is still united in our oposition to Jihadist nuts. Our lives have changed over that time. Some of us bear horrible memories caused by your twisted peverse religious views of heaven as a brothel. Yet I will proclaim it loud and clear for you jihadis and far left Communazis. I am an American freedom is my birth right and I live it each and every day. You and your Jihadi and Commie allies will never make me submit or change my ways. You have picked a fight with the wrong people.

I want to differentiate between patriotic liberals like B and whatever Justin Morris calls himself at any given moment from 167 and other anti American far left insane nuts. It is okay to disagree with the Iraq war or administation policies. This is our right as Americans.

However the second one goes into insane Chomskyite or Zinn delusions about America as the sole force of evil in the world you have left the American Family. Thus when idiots talk of Jooooish cabals or zionist media or insane consipracies you have left the American family. 167 is not American and at last glance had more in common with
earthworms then with humans.

B and I agree on social policies more then many of you would acknowledge . However on the war on Terror and Iraq we differ but seek different routes to the same goal.
I also will never allow myself to stand near a Commie , David Duke or any other people that do not share my heritage. The key point is that B and I disagree on the specific route to a safer country but it is a common desire.

I no longer see Liberalism as a credible ideology. John Kerry is a portrait of what is wrong with the Democrats. He talks like Sgt. York but did little or nothing in Vietnam and spent 33 years embelishing his record. He then goes to meet with the VC in Paris while still in the Naval Reserve an act that should have put him in Leavenworth. He forms a Communist organization and his cofounder Al Hubbard is a fake Vietnam Veteran who was a Communist but never was in Vietnam or flew a plane he loaded them. His injuries were from playing basketball in Hoboken. Kerry worked with the man every day and never knew he was a Commie or a fraud. Kerry holds the thoroughly discredited Wintersoldier hearings replette with fake testimony. Then Kerry runs to be Daniel Ortega's personal PR man in DC. He also signs on to the wacky
nuclear freeze movement. Sadly nobody even questions him on these things. Senator when did you know Al Hubbard was a Commie who never was in Vietnam. Then you have Senator Harkin who is the same nutty story. Has there ever been a Communist that John Conyers or Charles Rangel cried about 1/10 as much as they cry about Bush. Decent liberals do not collaberate with Communists or fellow travelers. They know the history and blood on the hands of the far left.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Book Review Time Destructive Generation

I finished reading this book and it is informative and often comedic tour de force. If you want to understand the illogic of radical leftists and have a blast this is the book.

Some observations from reading the book are that radicals are self absorbed and never responsible for their own actions or mayhem that ensues. They keep on trying to reinvent Communism but each utopia turns out exactly the same. When one disagrees with their idiocies they yell racism. 167 has raised this to new levels by crying racism over groups that are in no definition racial. Racism, homophobia, facism are the cop outs of choice for this group.

The book contains many interesting quotes from a wide variety of people slaming Comunism . I may have to do a series of posts on those at a later time. Interestingly, Christopher Hitchens was a leading critic of Horowitz but has now acknowledged the far left is a dead end. He also reveals wonderful goodies about Alexander Cockburn one of 167 favorites he is the one person in the media to defend
the people who pushed Leon Klinghoffer into the ocean. Only brave Jihadist can throw a joooo in a wheel chair off a cruise ship. The fact that he was not Israeli and had zero to do with the mideast conflict is lost on leftists. What do the brav wariors of jihad do for an encore. They have already shot school kids in the back at Beslan
but I am sure they will find a way to define deviance downward.

This is the rare book that is informative and loads of fun. If you see a copy pick it up.

The shadow of 9-11

Long term readers know I was an eyewitness to 9-11 and a survivor of WTC 93. Tommorow I will soend some time at the local monument to 9-11. Most employees know that on the rare ocaision I work in town I stop and look at the local monument. My life will be intertwined with the inevitable questions about that day. 9-11 hurt all real Americans whether you watched on TV or you were there in person.

Not long after 9-11 the seditious left held a Nuremburg style rally in Union Square Park. The buildings were still burning and the smell of burning evil filled the air as the Commie finks blamed Israel, Neocons, Pentagon, CIA , Haliburton, Bush and Capitalism for the attack. "Why do they hatr us its the fault of the Joooooooos". Do we ask why a rabid dog bites? Do we ask why a scorpion stings ? Rabid dogs and scorpions are what they are. Religious nuts with a 1300 year history of Jim Crow , Slavery, Ethnocide and often genocide were acting acording to their view of Islam which means submission not peace. Does this mean every Muslim is a terrorist of course not. However, to ignore the problem is to deny reality. Not even Stephen Schwartz a Muslim himself denies the obvious.

An interesting exchange occured with our poster Duncy er Ducky. Sevedral people had to ask him over the course of days who flew those planes into the buildings. It took three days for the bird brain to give the right answer. There is no rationalization or excuses for what happened on that day. Those who make excuses are bigots themselves by not holding Muslims up to the same standards every one else lives by.

Yet I want all of you to remember amongst the horror of that day brave men were at there finest. They perished trying to save lives and I will never forget that look of duty, determination, honor and defiance. The firemen who rushed to save lives while risking their own is what my country is about. My country is about my coworkers leaving children and friends to help out members of the American family in New Orleans.

The far left is alienated from our culture and lately I have been thinking about wounded animals. Wounded animals always make the most noise right before they die. These people are irrelevant and disloyal members of our household. The next time a Commie fink talks about the latest 9-11 conspiracy say this.

On 9-11 religious nuts attacked my nation. Any attempt to defile the memories of people who lost their lives saving others or just trying to earn a living is ghoulish. Any person who does that does not deserve the honor of being an American.

Friday, September 09, 2005

FEMA and you

FEMA is not a massive agency and being under the DHS umbrella allows for more flexibilty. As soon as the disaster hit the call came into other DHS agencies for personel. This allows FEMA to draw on the expertise and man power from other agencies within the DHS umbrella. The response of volunteers was overwhelming and there was no need to twist anyones arms.

The Red Cross was told by local officials not to bring in trucks of water and aid before the levees broke. The use of patronage in this area does seem to be a problem on both sides ie Golan Cipel in NJ . Security is an area that requires leadership and vision and is no place for partisan hacks and patronage. If anything good will come out of this maybe more attention will be focused on the importance of the job itself.

The reality of FEMA is that it does not and should not maintain an army of personel.
What we should learn and focus on is that all DHS employees should get one week of FEMA training for emergencies. The next time there is a disaster the move will be seamless. This is a real lesson that should be applied from this disaster.

However the blaming of Bush in the face of overwhelming mismanagement and malfeasance in NO spanning decades is laughable. Where were the LA senators when Kennedy, Kerry and Byrd were handing out pork on public works projects ? The basic answer points to decades of mismanagement on the local level. The problems of NO were well known before the hurricane. Now the left wants to make arguments ranging from lies to the bizzare in there never ending anti Bush obsession.

1 The Hurricane was caused by failure to sign Kyoto. Wow talk about long range forcasting. The local weatherman can't predict tommorow's weather but the left can go back years. I propose an equally valid theory that the build up of greenhouse gasses caused by Tofu consumption of the far left caused the hurricane.

2 The money for fixing the levees was diverted to the Iraq war. No it was most likely spent in MA on the infamous Big Dig or on one of Senator KKK Byrds endless parade of pork.

3 There is a racial angle to this tragedy. No it is proof positive of the disasters caused by one party politics. NO desperately needed a Rudy Guiliani or a Bloomburg to
seriously reform a chronicaly corrupt and mismanaged city. The problem was mismanagement on a local level spanning decades not a week in 2005.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Are far left types just self absorbed brats

I am reading Destructive Generation and story after story points to the conclusion that far left types are spoiled kids who should have been spanked. The stories of the Weatherman reveal the truth about the far left. In college our Professors would rail against Reagan's kids as self absorbed.

However most of who lived in the early seventies knew this was BS. The best of the generation went to serve in Vietnam while a band of self promoters collaberated with the enemy. The "movement " was nothing more then an ego trip and an excuse to have group sex and massive drugs. The far left Professor calling my generation self absorbed was projection. Rather then do drugs and be promiscuous we wanted good jobs and the American dream of homeownership. Yet we often walked into a workplace where we were treated as a comodity. There was no loyalty between worker and company and visa versa. With rare exceptions Unions were mostly political hacks.

Thus we hear far left types play Monday morning quarterback with Bush over Katrina.
The fact that my coworkers are there right now leaving friends and families to help the American family means zero to the far left. Facts are mere inconviences to the spoiled children of the far left cult of death and excuses.

Book Review time Robert Spencers Myth of Islamic Tolerance

The book is a colllection of articles that vary with the talents of the authors. If you have not read Bat Yeor or Ibn Waraq they are highlighted here the other authors are ordinasry.

It is rare that we face a genuine Jihadist on this blog or even in NYC. However the usual tact is to try and compare Christian History with Islamic history. The following books are invaluable.

The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt lays this argument to rest and is fun reading,
Indigenous People Under the Rule of Islam by Fred P Isaac is a favorite and it takes a global perspective on Islamo Facism.

Most of the time we dead with self important far left Communist PC bigots who have never had an intelligent thought in their life. Thus the issue is not really Islam but attacking America and Israel as proxies for Capitalism. Thus the best book by far is the Black book of Communism. Much of David Horowitz and Radosh are useful as well. You are far more likely to encounter a cliche tossing left wing yokel then a jihadist so prepare wisely.

If you can get the book David Horowitz Second Thoughts Conference is an amazing eye opening book and allows you to watch far left types wretch.

I am currently reading Destructive Generation and the self absorption on the far left is familiar. The people on the far left never learn and never grow up.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Illucid Liberals

The responsability for disaster preparation is a local matter. Every city is supposed to have a command structure. In the case of New Orleans everybody and their little brother knows the city is below sea level in an area known for hurricanes. The blaming of Bush and my FEMA is a smokescreen for incompetence. The fault for the dead lay on the doorstep of local politicians. Ted Kennedys and Kerry got money for the BIG Dig where were the senators from LA trying to raise money for this local project.

Some of my coworkers are allready on sceene helping out.My job is to hold down the fort till our brothers and sisters return. Sadly my training and workload left me nowhere near being able to ship out.

Yet this is the response of liberals to my going

Craig B " Shoot some looters....".
Another " Have an exta pair of undies for Bush as he is going to need it when he gets down there"
Our friend 00 IQ Your coworkers are brave but you are a glory hound

Lost is any mention of the victims. The truth is the liberals do not care about the victims all they care about is blaming Bush and myself by extension. The only liberal with class is B.

The best response to the huricane came from Comrade Oberfuhror 167. He compares Bush to Hitler in a lengthy tirade. The amazing part is the liberals are more offended by my calling an actual communistm and serial bigot correctly then comparing Bush to Hitler. Here is a clue calling an actual Communist and anti semite correctly is not a McCartyite slur it is telling the truth. Chew on this lefties 167 uses the same term and anti Jewish rhetoric that David Duke uses. Conservatives like Howard Dean and Susan Estritch (chortle) have described the same speech as anti semitic.

The far left knows all about hot air. My coworkers are there right now because we do not talk , we do. My coworkers love all Americans and ours is a labor of love. Thus the blame America first crowd is full of it and clueless once again.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Lessoms from the road

I drove back to VT the way that truckers do. Clear all big cities by rush hour so I left early at 830 . There was still plenty of trafic on the NJ Turnpike but once I cleared Troy NY I had the road to myself. However the Northway I 87 is the most beautiful stretch of road and it is criminal to drive at night. I was also not prepared for the fog banks. Frequently I hadv to cut speed .

In NYC we don't have fog so I am not experienced with driving in it. I am the rare driver that also prefers night time driving because it is easier to pick out who is where by headlights.

I will not have to deal with Laborday traffic.

Have a good labor day.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Liberals living in TV Land

The rush of liberals to blame Bush for the catastrophe in NO is amazing. Do these idiots have a clue as to how long it takes to organize relief columns. My prior experience was in logistics and these dolts are clueless.

The administration did the best they could as did the local government. Pointing fingers is the lowest form of demogogery. The liberals claim the money for the levies went to Iraq but it is more likely it went to the Big Dig in Boston. Pork is a bipartisan problem.

These idiots must think the government can twitch its nose and manna falls from the heavens. Sorry that might work on Bewitched but it has nothing to do with reality. Brave men and women from various agencies including my own are going to help. Yours truly did volunteer but I doubt I will be selected.

Meanwhile those of us who work real jobs know that efforts take time. All of us should want to help the victims of this calamity. The fact that the left is playing partisan games with a national tragedy shows why we can not trust these types. They are self interested and seditious by nature. Even in the face of a calamity the partisanship does not stop.

The best illustration of this insanity is 167 who compares Bush to Hitler. 167 presumes to speak for the thinking world. A simple reading of his Folk Tale Fictitious Bigoted Commie, Anti Semitic blog shows he is clearly not a thinking member of the thinking world.

Once again helping the victims is secondary to the far left agenda of hate.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Home at last

I love being back in NYC with educated articulate neighbors. In fair their is a brilliant Enlishman in my building and my coworkers are great. I am in the Beakerkin library and planning to get a Staten Island Yankee game. I will leave as the Matt Drudge radio show comes on the air on Sunday.

I will see the Strand book store and my favorite haunts. I do not miss the losers in Union Square Park. My first clue I was home is when WABC radio was on my radio. The John Batchelor show was ny first sound of home.

I love hearing the accent and the energy . My first night was by my sister in NJ and I got lost in Paramus. The local police guided me towards the turn off on the last ten miles. I do not have the stamina to drive more then three hours without a rest.

I will have Jewish food for dinner. I will dine in an ethnic resturant probably the Kiev on Second Avenue before I go home. I will stop by Ground Zero and pray for those who lost their lives.

Sometimes one has to leave NYC to learn to love it.

Mediocrity and the Beak

I do not mind my critics in fact we have an official troll. Drew might be stupid and lame but he never cries and is his his own man. He does not need to carry water or a jockstrap for any hero .

Thus we come to troll Craig B. Typical respone U are a liar nazi genocial jooooooooo repeated ad nausem. Craig are you capable of new material. For fun answer this.

1 Has any of your posts been censored or any one elses ?
2 I think 167 has been on this blog about eight times more then my posts on his. Thus the question of who is obsessed with whom is amusing. Lets see how does one qoute a blog that they claim they do not read.
3 Have you noticed I laugh at your usual charges because there is no basis in fact. However the Anti Semitism along with a host of other bigotries at the 167 folk tale delusion house of idiocy is apparent.
4 How did Warren become a Mormon ? What is wrong with being a Mormon? Wait didn't 167 accuse Warren and myself of being the same person. Different writting styles are just an inconvenient detail. So now is the folk tale spinner accusing me of being a Mormon. I know he is obsessed with Genetalia as his headline "Beakerkin wants to compare dick sizes". Maybe he is looking for circumsision scars.

5 How does a person who claims to be SUCH an expert on hell bound Zionists also regularly trash all organized religions. You can reread my post for the penalties for homosexuality in Islamic countries.

6 So now Tony Blair is a zionist . In what lifetime did that happen. Zionist media the same tyerm David Duke uses coincedence. The Zionist media did a great job on the fake Jennin massacre.

7 The fact that a Jew writes frequently about Jewish issues is not unusual. The fact that a Joooooo obsessed leftist folk tale commie needs to work Zionist and Jooooo into about at least 1/3 of his posts is curious. Can we say pathological bigot of Left wing PC redneck ?

8 Has the person who is an expert on litteracy figured out what a run on sentence is.
Dr Yeagley and Richard Poe are still laughing. 167 divided by what or in the words of Warren 1.67. , please let us know. FYI I think it is a hat size as he is always patting himself on the back.

9 Have you held Gay pride in Mecca yet ? 167 has never used his head so a beheading might improve his intelligence. However the homosexuals I know use their brains every
day . Holding Gay Pride in a country that has the death penalty for Homosexuality seem just a WEEEEEEE bit impractical and probably unadvisable.

10 Lets see every aleged homophobic statement by Christians is a CRISIS. Yet the silence of Islamic clerics who preach killing GAYS is par for the course at the blog of 167. 167 defended Ken Livingstones meeting with a Islamic cleric who advocated Gays, can we say hypocrite. He also failed to mention Hindooooooos , Bhoooooodists, some liberal Mooooooooslims , think hooooooomosexuals and a wide variety of others were critical of that meeting but he only writes of the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS. Hmmmmm it walks like a hypocrite, it talks a hypocrite what do you think it is.

Lastly do note Craig as you slow of mind and deviod of any discernable intelligence that he is free to respond. Maybe he should extend the courtesy of others.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Beak is home

I made it back home with minor misadventures. 400 plus miles and only minor misadventues. The trip was fun until I got past Albany and Upstate radio stinks.
NPR and country music stink.